Knitting & Stitching Show

After the College show in July I was lucky enough to be one of those selected by the Embroiderers’ Guild for their Graduate Showcase at the Knitting & Stitching Shows in London, Dublin and Harrogate.  The first of these opens on Thursday 10 October so is very close now.

Eastleigh College will have a definite presence there: also in the Graduate Showcase Caroline Bell is exhibiting her beautiful ecodyed and stitched pieces, her hands may or may not still be blue.  Caroline also has her sales stand, full of her irresistible goodies, which Alison Hulme is going to front for her, and where Alison will be selling her acclaimed pinnies!  In the Showcase Jan McGarry will be exhibiting her Africa-inspired work: superb photographs and machine stitched work based on zebra-stripes.  From last year’s graduates Nicky Barfoot has been selected for the Knitted Textile awards for her knitted life drawings which look amazing in the photos I’ve seen.  And lastly, but not least, our tutors Susan Chapman and Terrie Hitchcock have a stand where they will be exhibiting Evidence of Bodies, a follow-up of their previous show Bodies of Evidence.  There will be an interactive element to their show!

The K&S shows are always full of interest with a real buzz about them, and that is not counting the workshops and retail therapy opportunities, so there is plenty to do and see.

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  1. thredfairy says:

    Very well done and much deserved

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